Tuesday, 26 January 2010

An Experiment in Brutal Frustration

I wake up early and the morning is cursing:
"Fuck Wharton! You're going to Nursing!"

Monday, 25 January 2010

Memetic Mutation


Lost In Translation

Jis spustelėjo rankeną, ir durys prasivėrė.
Ir už durų buvo kitos durys.
Jis spustelėjo rankeną, ir kitos durys prasivėrė.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Writing Poetry After Auschwitz Is Barbaric

All you modern-day Pushkins, Schillers and Bachs,
You sentimentalists with fake nostalgia for the unremembered centuries,
Die in a fucking fire,

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Recombination (2)

I have recently read "The Reader".

"The Reader" has recently been released. I have read it and I think it is an amazing book.

The world has recently been released from its postmodern prison. This is the conclusion I drew after I read an abruptly titled book - "The Reader". It is amazing to think that a single book could and does have such an enormous effect.

Recombination (1)

Unblemished by the flames of fury, ire
The white man carries on.
Ravaged forests, marrow bones, eternal fire,
Avast! No more!

Benicio! Benicio, mi toro!
Have I not sworn my love to you?
Did I not commit my spirit?
Into your hands, my dearest!

Homolinguistic Translation

Long walks at night--
that's what good for the soul:
peeking into windows
watching tired housewives
trying to fight off
their beer-maddened husbands.

Find and Replace

There will come a time when everybody
Who is lonely will be free...
To sing & dance & pants

7 Up or Down

I plete allegory to the flack of the Unitarian Status of Amethyst, and to the reptile for which it states, one native under Gold, indo-european, with libido and jury men for all.

--- Original: The Pledge of Allegiance

Mad Libs

The aqua has ruined my mind,
(noun) (noun)
The agua has salvaged my soul,
(noun) (verb) (noun)