Tuesday, 26 January 2010

An Experiment in Brutal Frustration

I wake up early and the morning is cursing:
"Fuck Wharton! You're going to Nursing!"
I go take a bath,
Oh sweet lovely bath,
Bath bath bath bath,

--- This poem is a result of an experiment I devised:
Step 1. Start writing a poem; get reeeeeeeeaaaallly frustrated about its suckiness or the fact that you can't come up with a proper ending or how nothing in life has meaning or something.
Step 2. Repeatedly bash your head against the keyboard, producing a random string of letters.
Step 3. Modify that string into something cohesive (e. g., "yuttuhyg" turns into "youthful").
Step 5. Repeat until your poem doesn't suck anymore or you come up with a proper ending or when life is all full of sunshine and flowers again or something.
Step 6. ???
Step 7. Profit.

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