Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Recombination (2)

I have recently read "The Reader".

"The Reader" has recently been released. I have read it and I think it is an amazing book.

The world has recently been released from its postmodern prison. This is the conclusion I drew after I read an abruptly titled book - "The Reader". It is amazing to think that a single book could and does have such an enormous effect.

After reading "The Postmodern Condition", a book both amazing and abruptly confusing, I felt that the world was nothing more but a lonely prison. After I drew such an enormous conclusion, I felt that I could never be released from its effect. I think every single reader, who has recently been exposed to this read, is now worse off than he was before. After a few years, I hope to read a title about something that does have an underlying message of hope.

Bernie Madoff, who has recently been exposed for committing a pyramid scheme, was abruptly sentenced to a lonely, confusing death in prison. What an amazing book could be written about this man: featuring a clever title, such that would make you want to read it, interviews from every single member of his family, his world view, his "stop at nothing" ideology and much more. I am sure that it would be an enormous hit, once released to the world, with no single conclusion but an underlying didactic message. After a few years, however, I hope that not a single reader would remember him - this is the postmodern conclusion I drew after reading his memoirs and testimonies (both full of hope), as well as something that I can not talk about. I felt he would never be released from prison, from its grey corridors and their humbling effect; I believe he would now suffer an even worse fate before he does, in fact, take off to the skies.

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  1. My god, this was an excruciatingly painful exercise. I suppose I should have started with much more simple constructions. Oh well, I'll know better next time.