Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Day in the Life Of

You´re so weird! Oh my god, when you talk, my foot vibrates! Aah! That´s so funny. Do I scare you? No, you're funny! You know, if you don't speak a language for a long time, you might forget it. Do you know that?
Yes, if you don't erase with your eraser for a long time, it doesn't work any more. (whispering) Or if you don't use your penis... Yeah, I need a new one. Can you give it to him so he can play with it? Yeah, but it will make his hands turn black. When are you gonna get a new one? When I go downtown to get a new one. Hope it's before Tuesday. Tuesday? Are you leaving Tuesday? Yeah. Oh my God, that's so soon! I'm so sad, I'll miss you. Do you want to stay for another week? Yeah, but the lady doesn't want me to stay here. No, no, don't be stupid, just smile at her. She was, like, for how long are you gonna be here? A week. And you stayed for 20 days. When are we going to Lancaster? No se. Tenemos que hacer un horario. Ay, puta! Nanananana. Él quiere quedarse. Que? He doesn´t want to stay anmore because his friends in Paraguay will be mad. No! You will be home for 9 months. Constantly! Hahaha. Que mierda! What did you say? Chepa. Kepa. No, que! Camilo, no! What was he trying to do? Como se dice picaditar en ingles? No se. Juggling. Picadita. How do you spell that? J-U-G-G-... No! In Spanish! P-I-C-A-D-I-T-A. Bien. Is it juggling for hands or feet? And if it´s one of the fluffy bags... Oh, do you know how we call that in Lithuanian? "Pyzdabolas" - pussyball. Do you have hackiesacks? No. That was really big here six years ago. Stop it! Lisa has one. You´re gonna break something. Can you, like, juggle indefinitely? No. Yeah. In Paraguay, everyone know how to do that... Forever. They would make, like, this contest and do that for 600, 9000 hours in a row. I can´t do that. That´s about all I can do and I don´t wanna improve. I just don't care. What are you writing? A letter. To whom? To mom. In Lithuanian? Nah, English... He wants to stay. But he can´t, or else his friends will not talk to him. That´s what they said. Menos, que usa, si tengo, mi abuela, computadora, bla bla bla. Puta! Ya se, pero no comprarlo. My poor nails. That´s growse. It´s not going to fall. I´m so pissed my country only speaks Lithuanian. Like, I feel disadvantaged because it´s not one of the major world languages. Meh, but at least you speak English. Yeah, I can´t imagine people who don´t speak English. Like, they have to be stupid or something. It isolates them from the world. Seriously. And I hate our stupid school system. I´ve been taking Spanish for 7 years and I still can't speak a thing. Seriously. A lot of the Penn students, like... Julie, only speaks Chinese to people from her home. Nietzsche, did you say Nietzsche? Yeah. Do you like him? Yeah, I´ve read a lot of his books. Awesome, me too! Are you into philosophy in general or just Nietzsche? Philosophy. Any other authors you like? Hegel. Sweet! Salut, Zoe! Ca va? Tres bien, merci, et toi? Moi aussi. Pouvez-vous parler en russe? Ни хуя не понимаю по-русски.

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