Monday, 15 February 2010

An Everyday Poem

I lose my mind when you put your arms around me,
When you talk about Communism, my foot vibrates.
Then again, collecting aluminum gives me a boner
And so do electroclashy acid nu-raves

You´re so weird!
So elegantly weird.
Do I scare you?
No, you're funny.
But call us Penn State again,
And I swear...
I swear to God!
I will find you,
I will hunt you down,
And go medieval on your ass.

If you could see, where I've been,
You'd touch the hand that's touching sin
This is a list,
They're my demands,
Forget the question,
Come on bring your nervous hands.

Was geht ab? Alles klar? - Wunderbar
Comment ça va? - Comme ci, comme ça

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