Monday, 15 March 2010


I remember pre-conceptual poetry
I remember the excessive lack of high-brow punch-lines
I remember when masturbation was an olympic sport
I remember subliminal inverted ambiguity
I remember bleeding feelings and poetic PMS
I remember the torture that never seemed to stop

I remember hating this line,
I remember that rage-conditioned nightmare
I remember everyone lighting their pants on fire and crying liar, liar
I remember the premise of textual postdialectic theory
I remember making an offer no one could understand
I remember all the stupid shit that never happened

I remember when we lost our edge
I remember all the preemptive suicide attempts
I remember the great musico-poetic schism that did not take place in 1054
I remember thinking that it couldn't happen here
I remember when the Internet made us all its bitches

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